PCP Set Up Form

This is an internal document for LUXE CIty Guides, intended to allow LUXE staff to submit details to create the pcp (app redemption) form. 

This is the wordings appear at the end of the link e.g. http://get.luxecityguides.com/luxe_staff_giftaway
e.g. Redirect 'get.luxecityguides.com/promotion' to 'luxecityguides.com/promotion'
Demo copy: Hello gorgeous! We're gifting you a free six-month subscription to the LUXE digital guide of your choice, contained in our nifty app. Downloading the guide is a cinch, simply sign up or log into your LUXE account... et voilà!
Demo copy: Please visit luxecityguides.com if you want to know more about LUXE.
Demo copy: Thanks for redeeming your guide. If you haven’t already, please download the LUXE City Guides app and log in to access your guide.
Demo copy: Only 1 trial app per person. Each digital guide is worth US$14.99. The trial app is available to use for 1 month. LUXE City Guides reserves the right to have the final judgment in the case of any discrepancy. Please see our full end user terms of use at https://luxecityguides.com/app-terms-condition.
Use redemption codes *
This controls if they "Redeem" a guide with a code or if they are "Given" it (without needing a redemption code).
Please enter the number of redemption codes if you select YES for 'Use redemption code'
How many times can a customer use this campaign? '0' for unlimited (provided they have enough codes!)
If you select Yes, our standard LUXE Welcome/Verify email will be sent.
Which system gives the guide to the customer?
Do they choose a guide or do we just give them one or more guides without a choice?
Full: once expires, guide will keep in YOUR GUIDES section with premium content view, but no more content update available Trial: once expires, guide will return to free preview mode and list under the GET GUIDES section
Destination guide to offer in this promotion *
Customer personal info to collect via this sign up form *
Select the box if you want to collect this information from those new sign up users
Promotion launch date *
Promotion launch date
Please allow no less than 3 working days for production