Welcome to LUXE Concierge platform.

This page will provide tutorials and instructions on how to use the LUXE Concierge platform and the LUXE Concierge app. 

Technical requirement? Please note the platform is all cloud-based, no need to download or install any software/application, no IT knowledge needed and it includes responsive design for desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Each agent should have their own login to access the platform; LUXE advises to use the latest version of Google Chrome browser to ensure secure and stable site performance.


1.1. How to create a lite guide

1.3. How to create a template guide

1.2. How to create a complete guide

1.4. How to create a guide with saved template


2.1. How to download the itinerary in PDF

2.2. How to download and login to the app

2.3 How to use the app

3. Communications

3.1. How to contact my customers with updated itinerary/information

Tips: Customers need internet connection to receive the message

4. system management

4.1. How to edit travellers details

4.2. How to add/remove travellers in a guide

5. settings

5.1. How to update my company contact info

5.2. How to create default email templates with commands

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