To help you get started, this set of short videos (less than 5 mins each) will show you how to use the platform from one section to another, and provide useful marketing tips on how can this tool benefits your clients.

1. How to create a lite guide

2. How to create a complete guide

3. How to create a template guide

4. How to create a guide with saved template

1. How to download the itinerary in PDF

2. How to download and login to the app

3 How to use the app

1. How to contact my customers with updated itinerary/information

Tips: Customers need internet connection to receive the message

1. How to edit travellers details: update name and email address

2. How to add/remove travellers in a guide

1. How to update my company info

2. How to create default email templates with commands

1. App images for promotion

Q: How can I get the username and password?

A: The LUXE Concierge app is only available through LUXE’s trusted brand partners, concierges or travel guides. Please check with your travel agent if they’re partnered, and get your username and password.


Q: Can I use the app offline?

A: The LUXE Concierge app is 100% offline with full guide access and map. Except for sharing and updates.


Q: How do I get the latest trip information?

A: Click the Download button (the square one on top right corner) and select the guide you want to refresh content.  


Q: How do I get updated guide content?

A: You’ll receive automatic content update pop-up, or you can get updates manually with below steps:

  1. Click MORE on the main navigation menu

  2. Select Update Content/Sync

  3. Press UPDATE under Travel content


Q: What should I do if I lost my password?

A: Please click FORGOT PASSWORD in the login page or contact your agent.


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